Custom-made basic ring with white pearl & the customer's own gold.

Fancy Friend rings with different opals, moonstones, carnelian & spinel.

No two are like.










Silver ring with moonstone in 18k gold setting & diamond on the side.

Natural gems can be truely magnificent.

Rutilated quartz are rarely close to identical & this one is without doubt a one of a kind with it's two golden inclusions perfectly placed side by side.

Silver rings from the Robotic collection. 
Opal, pearl, calchedony & diamonds sat in 18k gold.

Custom-made basic rings with customer's own gold & amber.

One of a kind Robotic ring with amathyst, 0,05ct champagne diamond & 18k gold.

Custom-made wave ring with rosecut diamond.

Custom-made basic rings with customer's own amber.

Gold ring with stardust set diamonds.









Gold bracelet with coral.

One of a kind gold wave with purple tourmaline.

Handcrafted gold heart made of  customer's gold.