Collections and one-of-a-kind pieces are handmade by goldsmiths in our studio, located in the Northern region of Denmark.

We work with a range of different materials, such as gold, silver, precious and semiprecious gemstones, pearls, recycled and vintage materials.

We believe in all forms of honesty and we wouldn't force materials to pretend to be something, that they are not. Silver will be silver and gold will be gold. All our jewellery are crafted in the precious metal you see - nothing is ever plated.


Inspiration often emerges in the search for specific feelings, the geometrics of nature and other more unusual things, that we are just lucky to stumble upon. 


In our studio we also remake heirlooms into something new that suits the owner's style, while keeping the memories and attachments of love. You are always welcome to contact us if you wish to talk about changes to your jewellery.

Fie Møjen founded Fidili in 2016.

She is an educated goldsmith honored with two medals for her work. After achieving her professional title with good craftsmanship, she studied jewellery design from different approches, creating her own language of shapes and sense of aesthetics. 

With a vision of creating new classics and contemporary jewellery with no compromise of design and quality, Fie opened the studio and store in Denmark, October 2017.

“I strive for a certain touch of perfection, while appreciating the old traditions of goldsmithing and many new creative techniques”

Every single gemstone and pearl have been handpicked, and being that nature was the great creator of these, they are often different in nuances and shapes. “It gives them personality and I can remember each and everyone of them - as if they even had their own names.”


“I remember each piece of jewellery I make as well. Helping precious metals and gems come alive creates a significant great feeling for me, as if I'm helping the jewellery become the best it can possibly be. Surely this might sound a bit silly, I just can’t help it."